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Shoddy, repugnant, ignorant, useless customer service when things go wrong.

Since early July I had experienced issues in regards to my broadband cutting out intermitently. Called up and a tech was booked. A booster was connected to the wire that comes into my house to allow me internet access. This was fitted because I was told that the original cable fed in from the street was not suitable for the services I have in my property (2 tv lines - telephone and broadband). Power levels still sky high and still experiencing intermitent cutouts of signal to router. I phone up again - a second tech is arranged who arrives several days later to confirm the 1st tech had done everything possible and that a new cable would need fed into the house which "will deffinately fix the problem". Week/possibly 2... 2 men arrive and drill new holes through my fence and through my living room wall and dig up my garden to put in a new line. This made the power signals worse than before. I rang up and speak to a lady in an Indian call centre who confirms a 3rd tech would need to come out. As you can imagine I was a little annoyed and asked what would a 3rd tech be able to do? I was told not to worry the thirst tech would resolve as he is a Senior Tech. Again I argue the fact that 2 had been out previously and were unable to resolve.. Outcome? I agree to third tech to come out on Wednesday 10th between 8-12pm. Receive a phone call and voicemail on Tueday 9th to say the tech had been cancelled and it was re-booked for the Thursday between 12-4pm. Shift workers like myself can understand this was not suitable so I ring to ask why the tech could not arrive on the Wednesday to which I was told it was booked for the Thursday - I disagreed and said it has been arranged for the Wednesday and why was this not going ahead? Reply? This was always booked for Thursday Mr Ball. I asked to speak to a manager and the girl tutted at me. I speak to a manager called Hasan who tells me I was wrong.. I never booked it for the Wed - it had always been the Thur. I then ask him to retreive soundbytes of the call previous to confirm the verbal agreement which was made. He refused. I am at this stage turning a shade of purple with veins in my forehead throbbing a little. I asked why then did I receive a phone call confirming Wed was cancelled and it had been re-arranged for Thursday - he again told me I was wrong - I question his customer service and managerial skills.. he starts shouting at me which made me a tad angry, so I go off on a rant - he shouts "you are talking over the top of me - let me talk" to which I replied you will have time to talk when I get everything off my chest.. he interupted me 3 more times and hung up on me. **angry face** I ring back immediately and speak with another female advisor in India and I very calmy say that I did not want to repeat myself again and just wished to speak with a manager. I was asked to explain myself before this could be arranged. Begrudgingly I proceed. I was asked to be placed on hold while she sought out a manager to speak with me. After 5 minutes she returns and says she is passing me through to a manager now - on hold for approx 17 minutes listening to horrible hold music when the line is cut off due to inactivity, **ANGRIER FACE**

I ring back AGAIN only this time selecting the option to be put through to an advisor who would deal with me if I wanted to leave Virgin - within seconds I get speaking to a girl in England who confirmed that she could deal with a complaint for me. I explain the circumstances again and I get a very empathetic reply which settled me somewhat. I was told that I could have another tech arranged for 3 days time when I was told previously that it would be 9 days before one could come. I agree and ask why was it arranged. I was told that notes left on the account confirmed the apoointment for Wed 8-12pm but was set up for Thursday - I ask why did I receive a phone call confirming Wed was cancelled and was re-arranged for Thur? No reply. I asked the girl to put through a complaint for me in regards to the whole situation and the horrendous customer service I had experienced within a very short space of time. I was told that it would be no problem but the complaint would close instantly as I had another tech rebooked. I questioned this and said how does accepting my complaint and closing it instantly resolve or answer any part of my complaint? I was told this is how it happens. This is how it happens? You accept a complaint and close it without confirmation from me that I am happy with the resolution? Reply - yes. During the conversation with this advisor I am placed on Mute approx 5/6 times whilst I am speaking - is the advisor calling me a d***? I ask are you oplacing me on mute while I am speaking - I am taken off mute and the advisor does not speak - I ask again and silence. The girl then proceeds to get snappy with me because I have been on the phone with her for 30 minutes.... was I effecting her AHT or something? I asked to speak with a manager to which I was told I would receive the same reply. I politely said this was ok and would just like to speak with your manager. I was placed on hold and came back to to be told the same thing I have already been told - my manager will only tell you the same thing - again I reply this is ok - I would just like to talk to her - I was told this wasn't possible - I asked why not? I was told because she was busy doing other things. I laughed and asked for a call back on my mobile (within 24 hours as confirmed by the advisor) 27 hours later my landline rings and cuts off. Was this the manager ringing me? An hour later it rings again and the manager was quite ignorant and incredibly unhelpful. I had come no further on, call ended. An hour after this I receive an automated call to my landline from Virgin asking me to hit number 1 on the keypad to confirm my tech visit for the Wed (my original date which was cancelled - I press 1 : ) Guess what - no tech arrived on the Wed. I wrote a complaint letter to which I was informed that I would receive a response within 5 days. I leave it 5 working days and hear nothing so I ring and get speaking to what sounded like an Irish lady called Pat who says she cannot see any complaint - even though I have the complaint reference - What? I sent it in over 5 working days ago - "Ahhh ok it can take 28 days to receive a reply to a complaint" - WHAT????? 28 turn around on a complaint letter?????? Yes!

Pat agrees to put through another complaint regarding 28 turnaround and asked that my call recordings are searched for to listen back tot he God aweful service I had experienced - I was told this would be arranged for me even though 5? 6? people told me no calls are recorded unless the manager wants to record it to offer feedback to advisors in their team??? Bit of a joke really lol. Pat agrees to take the complaint onboard yesterday 16/08/11 and confirms a suitable time to contact me back the next day (today 17/08/11) to confirm what had been done some time after 5pm.... 22:49 currently and guess what? Let down by Virgin Medias' Shoddy, Repugnant, ignorant, useless customer services......


To anyone out there who have seemlessly running services - I wish you all the best and hope you never experience a problem such as mine because the sheer frustration of trying to get anything resolved within a timely matter is seemingly unachievable for this company. 


I am an incredibly patient person who generally takes the knocks in life with a smile on my face but the way in which I have been treated by Virgin Media and By customer services agents over the last month and a half has turned me into a grumpy, stressed out, insulted, unwanted customer...


Thank you for letting me vent some anger and please accept my apologies if my war and peace manuscript has made your eyes bleed. lol.


Good night.

Very disgruntled customer.

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Re: Shoddy, repugnant, ignorant, useless customer service when things go wrong.

Had a similar experiance to you mate and am currently i would say half way to ofcom, which i look forward to its a shocker thats for sure customer service thats a joke. If you want ot make it offical put it in writting start a log if you don't have one with peoples names dates and times you deal with them so you have evidence to back you up when you take itt to regulation with Ofcom. i was told the conversation i had with the rep who lied to me over the phone had been whiped, how conveniate that this would have proved my case 100% but i have taken on larger companies and won so not worried about pursuing Virgin.


if you would like the customer complaints director Pm me and i will send you her address to get started.Smiley Happy

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Re: Shoddy, repugnant, ignorant, useless customer service when things go wrong.

An all too familiar scenario which regrettably is often predicated more typically by the contracted offshore callcentre support services that VM have decided to employ.


A few tips/suggestions/observations that might help:


1. Always ask for both agents name (spelt phonetically) AND most importantly their agents operator number (yes they all have a unique one).


2. While the callcentres do occassionally record conversations (usually literally for training/audit purposes) these are neither automatically done for every single call NOR are they retained for any significant time.

So nothing prevents you employing a similar tactic: Always advise the person you are talking to that you are recording the conversation for audit/security purposes(even if you aren't). This is a legal requirement so you must remember this at start of every conversation with every person you are transferred to.


3. When you exhaust the escalation route thru local management chain then simply ask to be transferred to Retentions/"Thinking-of-Leaving-Us". Patiently explain the problem and the fact you are not receiving correct  and/or applicable technical support. This usually results in you being transferred to a competent UK callcentre (hopefully Level2 @ Liverpool).


4. The most difficult thing is obviously not to loose your cool...... quite undersstandable when you experience such inept,unskilled, undertrained agents that may not be native english speakers anyway.... thus avoid the confrontational temptations that provoke anything that could be construed abusive otherwise they'll simply flag your customer account/call log with a marker and this will severely limit any future complaint procedure you raise.


5. Always try and summarise what the agent has suggested at end of conversation, and why you are requesting transfer or further action and most particularly to thank them for their time and effort (even if you don't mean it).


6. If you are offerred a callback then be aware this very rarely happens. Request a day/time and process of whom to ring if it doesn't materialise.


7. If you are advised of an area fault then ensure you request a Fault Ticket reference (F00 number). If agent refuses or obfuscates then treat the information with "extreme prejudice" and again ask to be transferred to supervisor/manager to elicit that detail. A F00 number allows you to both query status here and elsewhere and also progress compensation if applicable.


8. If an engineers visit is booked then ensure you both clarify date/time AND request information as to whether this will be confirmed by a further tele call prior to engineers attendance. Don't assume because the agent states your customer account has been logged that it has actually happened, or that the visit will actually occurr!

An agent may genuinely book a visit BUT an area problem may auto-cancel this booking. Normally you'd be contacted to advice either the engineer will visit, or is late, or reschedulled, or it has been cancelled! 

Unfortunately this doen't always happen reliably so you may need to proactively ring yourself say 24hrs prior (and/or again just before appointed time) to confirm.

If there is a unexpected no-show then remember VM can/will charge you(£10) if you are not in attendance when their engineer calls so contact CustomerServices to ensure they compensate you the equivalent for their own mal-administration! 


Naturally all the above can add significantly to your time and effort expended and it's thus impossible to answer the predictable accusation:  "....but I shouldn't have to do all this!"  Smiley Wink



Regards Tony
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Re: Shoddy, repugnant, ignorant, useless customer service when things go wrong.

When I lived in Bradford for a year (I know, **bleep**), the local cabinet was hugely over-subscribed. Virgin had people handing out leaflets at uni advertising super fast speeds. In fact, it rarely worked, at all. I had most of the 12 months refunded, and it took me 6 months and many, many phonecalls to India to get someone on the line to tell me that the postcode was "notorious"! When I told him it, he said "not again"!


So why were they still selling to new customers? The fix date kept being pushed back, eventually to a point some months away. I ended up moving out, but would assume it's still completely broken.


Here, in Leeds, we have had a few minor issues with the TV. One is ongoing, the set top box (our second or third now) needs resetting every day or the picture breaks up. A part in the local cabinet was replaced but the signal still gets interference. The broadband connection has actually been pretty good, until recent WoW issues.


So, can sympathise to some extent.

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