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Re: Setting up email on Ipad 2

Hi Adrianxx,


Thanks for the update and glad to hear you've got it working.



Ray Miranda
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Re: Setting up email on Ipad 2

[ Edited ]

Well I have just got this working on an iPhone ... to access my email


1st thing to note is that in order to get to some of the advanced settings I had to put a wrong password in for my email account ... then after the error message I could get to the settings


Step by Step here is the process


Goto to your iPhone's Settings Screen

Select Mail, Contacts, Calender

Select the "Other" option ... (it is at bottom below MobileMe)

Select Add Mail Account

Put in your Name (e.g. Joe Bloggs)

Address (enter your full email address ... e.g. )

Password (do not put your correct password in yet ... put in something that is wrong)

Description (this will automatically get filled in, but you can put something more meaningful e.g. My NTLWorld email

Click Next (at top of screen)

then it should try and verify your account ... which will fail (as you put in the wrong password)

After that you should see a "Cannot Get Mail" error

Say OK to error message ... now you have access to all of the settings that you need to get email working

I setup an IMAP Email connection (you can choose between IMAP and POP at the top of the screen)

The settings below are what I used:-


Name: Joe Bloggs


Description: My NTLWorld Email


Incoming Mail Server


Host Name:

User Name: (substitute your own email address here !)

Password: (Enter your own correct password now)


Outgoing Mail Server



at the bottom of the screen click the Advanced button and under the section "Incoming Settings" I have the follow settings


Use SSL: On

Authentication: Password

IMAP Path Prefix /               (do not enter anything against this field - leave it blank)

Server Port: 993


Click Done or Save (cant remember which it was) at top of screen (to keep your settings) ... this should validate them and if everything is ok, you will see little tick marks against your entries


that worked for me ... I hope it works for you!

Good LUCK !




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Re: Setting up email on Ipad 2

clarification on the previous post, this only lets you read your emails from your NTLWorld account ... it does not let you send emails .... the configuration needs a bit more tweaking for that .... if I get that part figured out, I will repost the original post


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Re: Setting up email on Ipad 2

I have created a new post in this forum with full working solution to send and receive mail

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Re: Setting up email on Ipad 2

Hi there. maybe you can help me.

I bought an ipad 2 a couple of days ago. My email status is currently as follows:

I have a work email address which I normally operate on from a laptop at an office I have in London. Sometimes I want to work from home being self employed.

I also have a private hotmail email address.

I have wifi at home through virginmedia

Currently on my ipad in an Unsecured wifi access area (i.e. like the wifi at the apple store where I bought the ipad), I can receive and send emails from mw work email account on my ipad.

When at home on my security enabled home wifi, on my ipad, I can access the internet, I can receive work emails linto my work account, BUT I cannot send any emails from work email account (other than to myself, and that's weird).

I can both send and recieve emails at home from my hotmail account.

The message I get when I try to send an email from y work account at home is

"A copy has been placed in your Outbox. Verify that you have addressed this message correctly. Check your SMTP server settings in Mail Preferences and verify any advanced settings with your system administrator."

Can you help or point me where I should address my question.

Any help greatly appreciated


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Re: Setting up email on Ipad 2

Hi, after many hours of frustration I have just managed to get my email working on my ipad after reading all the posts on here and other threads.

Firstly I went onto My Virgin media email account and changed the password!!! On the ipad I then entered my new password, and the servers as and Almost immediately the emails came through. However when I tried to send an email it wouldn't work. I had to change the settings of the smtp server to my new password and to port 465. This worked for me. Thanks to everyone for posting the various suggestions. Good luck!!