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Making Waves
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Setting up a second e-mail address

I am trying to set up an e-mail address for my other half  on her own computer using a wireless home network, using my own virgin broadband account (I can have up to 5 e-mail addresses) - I have already set up her e-mail address on My Media (which by the way is not easy to log into as it is very often down). 

However when setting up a new e-mail account on microsoft outlook on her computer, I am having problems with the user name.  According to Virgin I need to enter my email user name (which is my e-mail address) and the password given to me when the account was set up.  When I do that, the e-mails received are in my name - not my wife's.  If I put her e-mail address as the user name it does not work.  Any ideas please?  Thank you in anticipation.

Proof’s in the Pudding
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Re: Setting up a second e-mail address

You need to use the second email address that you set up in MYVIRGINMEDIA

as the pop server login username in Outlook, to access the second mail account.


You say you've done that, but have you set up a second mail account in Outlook ?


Are you using the same password as in MYVIRGINMEDIA ?


Have you set up pop forwarding in your wife's webmail account ?

If you don't do this it may not download to Outlook.

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Re: Setting up a second e-mail address

I am having a similar problem on NTLWORLD.COM. The secondary email is receiving all the mail for the primary account.When it sends emails the secondary email comes through witth the secondary email address.

Making Waves
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Re: Setting up a second e-mail address

Thank you for your assistance and apologies for not replying sooner.  I have sorted it out but I now feel stupid.  I went back into My Virgin Media account, changed the password of my wife, tried again and it worked.  I must have been putting the wrong password when setting up her outlook account.  Silly me!

Once again thank you.  I shall be more careful next time!

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Re: Setting up a second e-mail address

Hi Jeanco,


Thanks for letting us know. It's good to hear the issue you were experiencing is now resolved. If there is anything we can do to help, please post back and we'll be happy to look into it for you.


Rose Rafferty

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