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Scheduling type: Best Effort



When I'm capping out on my download speed, my connection quality drops considerably.


This behaviour is usually expected when approaching the max download speed, but in past experiences it usually just bumps it up to about 100ms to servers in the UK. Recently, when downloading, even at about 200kbps of my 10mb line, my latency increases to well over 900ms which effectively kills any hope of using VOIP or streaming content.


I've looked at the connection settings, and the scheduling type is best effort.


Is this related at all?

One to Watch
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Re: Scheduling type: Best Effort


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Re: Scheduling type: Best Effort

No it's not, it says that all the time
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Re: Scheduling type: Best Effort

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So using a Download Manager to limit its speed to to 200KB/s with about 800KB/s free causes problems for with just your VOIP and no downloads its fine?

Best Effort as listed below
this likely means the data in the modems buffer will try to send as best as the scheduler at the other end can allow but might delay it so much that the modem drops packets from its buffer after xxxms or is delayed so much that it causes latency.

When you are downloading even at 200KB/s you send very little back to acknowledge what you have received and mixing these acknowledges for your download and sending VOIP is likely what’s causing VOIP problems.

All of which would point to VM optimizing the upstream for high latency fast upload speeds then low latency slow speeds at the users ends and maybe the scheduler itself.

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