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Making Waves
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Scart output shows 'HDMI not permitted' message

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I've just had a TiVo box installed to replace a Humax HD PVR. The set up is as follows - 


- HDMI output to main Samsung TV in sitting room 

- Scart output via wireless TV sender to TV in kitchen


With the Humax this worked fine. With the TiVo, if I go to watch TV in the kitchen I get the error message 'HDMI connection not permitted' and I can't get past that. The main Samsung TV connected via HDMI works okay.


I have been attempting to get through to TiVo telephone technical support (currently have been on hold for 45 minutes and counting...) so please can anyone on here help?


Thanks in advance.

Bright Spark
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Re: Scart output shows 'HDMI not permitted' message

There are issues with certain Samsung televisions and the hdmi output from the TiVo at the moment which brings up the hdmi not permitted. The only way I can see to get the message to dissappere is to unplug the hdmi when you're watching in the kitchen. Unless it gives you the option to press ok to get rid.
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Re: Scart output shows 'HDMI not permitted' message

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There are two hdmi output issues.

1.The first is incompatibility with some televisions. This manifests in the television displaying the. messsage after switch on and customers having to disconnect and reconnect their hdmi cable or go through some sort of on off ritual with the TiVo and or tv. This is due to a hdmi wake up / handshake issue, different televisions seem to react differently to this and need different on/off sequences or hdmi disconnection to resolve.
I have heard that shorter and cheaper hdmi leads can fix this problem but personally a auto hdmi switcher was the solution that worked for me. It's a 3 way unpowered auto switcher I brought on eBay but also available on amazon by accompany called duronics, but I have heard of other similar kit doing the job. In fairness it's a handy bit of kit to have anyway if you only have one or two hdmi ports.

2. The second issue with the scart output is that if you turn off the hdmi connected television the scarts picture and video get crippled and you just end up with the Epg output and on screen displays. This was a real problem for me as I was using an rf modulator to send the image upstairs when we were in bed. Sceptics out there say it is virgin trying to get you to buy a second box on multiroom but I don't think this would be worth the effort to modify the software for the TiVo software in the states. Th thing is that American TiVo premiers (which virgin TiVo is basically a modified version of ) don't have scart. Anyway I think this is just how the box decides how to output the image,( look for hdmi if it's their but not connected output to scart but let the user know first).

There isn't any real solution to this. I ended up ordering a second TiVo for upstairs as they should be able to stream reccorings from one to the other in the next update. I am also going to distribute the signal at some point aroun the house including the kitchen but when I do this I will just leav the main tv on when we use it which is likely to be rarely.
There are some hdmi fixes in the new 15.2 update which rolls out this month. Not sure if it will fix either or both of these problems though.

ONE SOLUTION would be to use the scart output with the main tv also and then disconnect the HDMI. Not a permenent solution though as you will loose HD

Hope this helps