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Samsung Smart TV and TiVo Box

I am about the buy the new Samsung D558000 smart tv and wanted some advice. 


I currently have my TiVo box hooked up with my Amp.


When I get my Samsung Smart TV would I able to flick between that and the HDMI connected TiVo box? 


Just looking for a bit of advice 


Thanks for your help 

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Re: Samsung Smart TV and TiVo Box

can you track down an on line user guide? if it's anything like my telly your "flicking" will be by pressing a button that cycles through the various inputs, hdmi being one of them of course and, in my case DTV for the internal digital tuner. i'm sure you'll have some option to get to your TV's extra features, possibly by its own button.


worth thinking about - if you can find the "discreet codes" that get you straight to these mutiple button push options you might be able to program them into a Harmony type programmable remote such that 1 button gets you straight there.


iirc, my LG discreet codes were in the manual.

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Re: Samsung Smart TV and TiVo Box

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I think you're referring specifically to the Smart Hub feature of the new Samsungs which has iPlayer, YouTube, Picasa etc?  If so, as a fellow owner I can confirm that no matter what input you are currently watching, you can press the Smart Hub button on the sammy remote to go straight into Smart Hub and then whenever you're done, press the button again to go straight back to what you were watching.


Until you go into a specific app, you're still be able to watch the current input in a mini viewer window.  The mini viewer is even persistent in some of the apps (e.g. the web browser lets you keep it visible and move it around the screen).


So bascially, launching Smart Hub doesn't actually require any change of input, it just runs on top of whatever input you're already watching.

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Re: Samsung Smart TV and TiVo Box

I also have the new Samsung tv 7000 and can't get the smart remote to work all the functions as the tivo remote would , the pause does not work when watching a recorded prog . Also the bottom menu bar on the smart remote 

evrything works but not the STB menu which does not let you go to the my shows menu . Would like to find the model no of my tivo box but dont know where it is we think this would help with the setup of the smart remote .. 

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