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Samsung Smart TV - Wireless Router - Do I need a dongle



Brought the TV yesterday.  I have a virgin media supehub - wireless connection.  Do I need a dongle to access the internet from the TV? I have read various forums and am still confused...easily done lol!


Also having TiVo box installed next week.  Will this help with connection to internet from TV?


Thanks in advance for any help received.


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Re: Samsung Smart TV - Wireless Router - Do I need a dongle

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The TiVo will give your TV a different route to some internet function but you will have to establish from your TV's own manual how it needs connected to your home internet.


If the TV has a wireless adapter then you will be able to connect wirelessly.


If it does not have a wireless adapter, you may be able to buy one (a so-called dongle).


Your TV will more than likely be able to connect to your router (superhub) via ethernet cable. This can be achieved with a real cable or possible throught homeplugs.


Your TV manual should explain all. This is a TV issue, not a cable TV or cable broadband issue.

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