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Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 Update

Hello this is my first post.


The problem is that my S3 is still on firmware 4.1.2 and literally almost everyone I know has 4.3.. I've contacted samsung they told me it's rolled out by the network carrier and I called Virgin they told me the opposite. My cousin is with Virgin and has the S3 and her's has updated. Same with her Dad :/


I'm just wondering to why the hell I'm stuck on this 2 year old firmware which is sluggish and annoyingly slow and ram management is just terrible..



Anyone help?


Thanks in advance Smiley Happy

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 Update

If your handset is a non carrier locked handset, you can try forcing the updates via Samsung kies and selecting firmware updates . if it still says your handset is up to date then you will have to wait for the update :-( If that is the case I would suggest doing a factory reset on the phone to cure the lagging issues ..
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 Update

Hi JamieLyon,


Welcome to the Virgin Mobile ForumsSmiley Happy

We do not control updates, and usually it comes through in stages. I would recommend connecting it to Samsung Kies and see if the update comes through. 


Let me know how you get on Smiley Happy

Rita B
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