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Samsung Galaxy Ace Unable to connect server message

Tonight, all of a sudden I cannot connect to the server to check my emails.  I have rebooted my phone, checked to see if it is a wifi problem but it is not.  It is also not a broadband problem.  I have tried getting into my emails with and without wifi enabled to no avail.  I am able to send emails via my phone but unable to receive them for some reason.  No settings have been changed by me at all. I can receive emails via Windows Mail and via the Virgin website, but just cannot access them through my phone.


Has anyone any ideas why I suddenly cannot receive my emails via my phone?

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Ace Unable to connect server message

Hello HMB42,


Let's get this all sorted for you Smiley Happy


The best option here is to delete and re-add the email.


Through a Galaxy Ace, it isn't possible to delete and re-add the email. This would need to be done through a factory reset.


Before doing this, I would advise using Samsung Kies to back up the phone.


Let me know how you get on.



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