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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 - Voice recognition - No connection error

I have been using voice recognition quite frequently since acquisition.  Recently, every time I start voice recognition in any application, I get the error message: "connection error!".  The only changes made to the phone were the installation of a QR code reader - Neoreader and torch application - Flashlight.  I have repeatedly tried shuting down restart and taking the battery out without any effect.  Does anyone have some recommended fix please.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 - Voice recognition - No connection error

Hi Paul99151,


Thanks for letting us know what you've tried. Just to confirm, is your internet connection on (either 2g/3g or Wi-Fi) and working when trying to use this? I believe it needs an internet connection to work.


If so, please try clearing out the data/cache from the application by going to Menu > Settings > Applications and finding the Voice recognition app. You could also see if there are any updates in the Play Store for the application (if appropriate).


If you're still having an issue, please contact Samsung who will be able to provide further support for their application. They may recommend a factory reset (after backing up) but best to check if there are any other solutions first Smiley Happy


Many thanks.

Krystal Evans
Mobile Help & Support Forum Team

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