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SMTP problems from abroad



I am a Virgin subscrivber and have my Internet and Telephone through Virgin. Originally and NTL customer my email address is still the old address.

I recently moved abroad to work (United Arab Emirates) but retained my service as it is still being used in the UK by my son who is living at my address. 

My problem is that I am using MS Outlook and can receive emails through Outlook howver, I cannot send any. My SMTP is set up as it was in the UK and I havechecked the FAQ to make sure the settings are still correct which, they are.


I havce contacted the local ISP in UAE (Etisalat) to enquire as to why my email smtp is not working and they have said it is a setting that my email ISP has to provide me so that I can send  emails via Outlook. Is there any specific settings I nee to set up via Outlook?


Secondly as a temporary measure I have been receiving via Outlook but going to webmail to send which, is a bit time consuming because every couple of minutes webmail logs me out and I have to go bak through the login process. This is a pain becasue it can happen half way through writtting an email which means when you log back in you loose the email you was typing and have to start again.


To summarise:

1. Is there any SMTP settings I need to adjust and if so what are they?

2. Why does webmail keep logging me off and how do I stop it from doing so/





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Re: SMTP problems from abroad

This requires something called SMTP Authentication, which is unfortunately not available on the xNTL mail platform.  You can only send e-mails without using webmail via the platform if you are connected to one of our connections in the UK.


It will be available when you're moved to Google though, although as that's not till next year I understand this isn't too much help for you right now.  In the meantime, it'll have to be webmail sorry!






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Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: SMTP problems from abroad



Very many thanks for your reply, having read a few threads from others, I kind of guessed this may be the case. I think I need to reconsider what i need to do with my email'


Again thanks



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Re: SMTP problems from abroad


Hi Alex,


I am in the UAE at the moment and have the same issue, i.e. I can't send emails from the UAE using my NTL mail account. I was wondering if VM have resolved this issue and if there are some settings that I need to change to get my emails going.


If not would it help if I switched to the Virgin server? If yes how can I switch?


Many thanks.


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Re: SMTP problems from abroad

you could try using these settings for the smtp server in your email client (eg Outlook):

port 465

SSL on

smtp server authentication on

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