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Roaming Data Bundles

When I last went abroad I was unable to purchase a data bundle by text, I received something along the lines of "Sorry I didn't understand that" or similar. I followed the instructions shown by the holding page presented when you try to browse the web but that didn't help.


Can someone confirm the procedure, as I'm going away again next month and don't want to encounter the same problem!





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Re: Roaming Data Bundles

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Hi bjones371,


I can appreciate that. You'll only need a data pass if you're going to the European Union, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Switzerland - please see here for details of which countries are covered under the EU.


From there, you need to text BUY followed by the amount of data to 23456 e.g. BUY 5MB and send the text to 23456 - the data passes available along with their charges are available on the link above under Mobile web & Mobile broadband


If you're outside these countries, you won't need to buy a data pass. In both instances, you'll need to make sure data roaming is ticked in your phone's data settings to access the internet.


It's also best to make sure data roaming has been activated on the network. Please give our team a call on 789 and they'll be able to confirm this is set up for you.


Additionally, if you have any difficulties when you're abroad and need to speak to the team - they'll be able to add the roaming pass for you should you run into any difficulties when abroad:


If you're on PAYG you can call 789 on your handset - currently charged at £2 per call.


For Pay Monthly/Sim only, you can call +447953967967 - currently charged at the same rate as the region you're in.


Have a great time when you next go abroad Smiley Happy


Many thanks.

Krystal Evans
Mobile Help & Support Forum Team

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