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Reset router - now can't connect to Internet

Apologies if this is a daft question or whatever but I can only post off my phone so I'm a bit limited. I accidentally reset my router back to the factory settings and now I can't connected to the Internet. I've asked on the Linksys (router manufacturer) forums but they said to configure the router to my ISPs settings. Basically, what are these settings and how do I configure them? I've been with Virgin broadband since the days of NTL so I don't have the setup disc anymore. I've trawled through Google for help but as I can only search through my phone it's a bit difficult. This is kinda my last option so any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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Re: Reset router - now can't connect to Internet

Is there a Model number for the Linksys Router ?

If you can get to a Internet Cafe, there are numerous youTube clips on setting up a Linksys Router that might help..


All the best safc



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Re: Reset router - now can't connect to Internet

Hope this may be of some use to you.


Settings for ADSL connection through a telephone line. 


Open a web browser and log onto your router.


Find Internet Wan > Connection Type.


Set the Router to use PPPoA, type in your User Name and Password in the spaces provided. If you do not have a Service Name or do not know it, leave the Service Name field blank. After you have typed in your information, click "Apply Changes". After you apply the changes, the Internet Status indicator will read "Connected" if your Router is set up properly.


WAN > Connection Type   PPPoA

User Name  > (or or whatever)

Password > *******

Retype Password > *******

VPI/VCI  >   0 /  38

Encapsulation > VC MUX

MTU  > Leave as Default


Find Internet Wan > DNS.

Select Automatic from ISP

(Virginmedia DNS servers are Primary: Secondary:


Find Lan Setup > Lan Settings

Ensure DHCP Server is set to On

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Re: Reset router - now can't connect to Internet

I've had a similar problem.  Ring 150 and get onto the technical help team.  Ask for KIRTI SINHA at level two help.  She certainly solved my problem with courteous and patience even though it took some 75 minutes.

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Re: Reset router - now can't connect to Internet

assuming that your set up is virgin router with ethernet to wireless router all you need to do is swith off the virgin router as this also needs resetting.


I had the same problem. took me ages lol

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