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Reset D link modem


Hope someone can help. I have been having problems with my internet connection and have had to reset my (virgin) d-link modem. Now i can't get internet access Also when i search for available networks what used to say Virgin broadband now says D-Link and my passwords dont work. How do i restore the modem to the preset Virgin set up or do I have to go on to the D-link page and set it up that way?


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Re: Reset D link modem

Sounds like you may have gone back to the Dlink factory defaults.  

If this is the case, 

Connect to the router via cable, and logon to the router ( The default username should be admin with no password.

If the router is a Dlink DIR-615, you can get a copy of the manual from if you need it.

You will need to reset the Wireless network up again, to ensure it is secured.


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Re: Reset D link modem

quick guide is doing the following on a wired connection say from port 1 to laptop on the dlink

on the address bar type in  press enter/go 

it will ask for username and password 

username is : admin 

passowrd is : this is left empty click login 


left hand side choose wireless setup, choose manually wireless connection setup. on this page untick the first box reguarding WPS this can cause a slight conflict in my view and experience. 


further down there is a box enable auto channel selection untick this box and choose channel 01, also on this page, change the network name which might be dlink to something of your own choice. 


further down it has wireless security, on the box it should be on WPA/WPA2 wireless security enhanced if not, please change it to it, and on the box where it has passphrase this going to be your wireless password needs to be more than 8, and enter a complex password letters/numbers press safe settings job done

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