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Remote not working properly

Hi. I have had Virgin services installed a couple of days ago, with a Tivo box downstairs and V+ HD box upstairs. The remote upstairs does not work fully, some buttons do nothing (although the light comes on the machine when pressed), such as 'back', 'pause', 'my shows' as examples. The remote that the engineers left for the V+ box is identical to the one downstairs for the Tivo box, both remotes work fine on the tivo box and both have the same issues on the V+ so I am thinking we have been given the wrong remote for the V+ box, if this is the case, could the correct one be sent out please?

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Re: Remote not working properly

Sounds like the same problem as this thread:


You will have to ring in on 150 (free from a VM landline or VM mobile) or 0845 454 1111 from any other phone line (chargeable).

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