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Recovering OLD emails

Hi, I changed to Outlook at the start of 2009. In that time my old emails if i logged into my email where still available, including sent mail, drafts etc

This was important as I occasionaly would need access to these old SENT emails for a court case.

Now all of a sudden EVERYTHING is gone in if I log in to, I have only what's in my Outlook since crossing over.

Can VirginMedia help recover these important emails. I need dated back to October 2008 or before???

Or is there even software that someone has had SUCCESS with?

Any help HUGELY appreciated?

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Re: Recovering OLD emails

Messages older than 90 days are automatically removed from the server, so I don't think you'll be able to retrieve your old messages. This behaviour will change when your account is migrated to the Google mail platform later in the year.



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Re: Recovering OLD emails

I have similar problem, needing to access some long "binned" emails from early 2007 and during 2008.

I also had and still have an "ntlworld" email address.


Did you ever find a way through it?


Fingers crossed!

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