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Making Waves
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Really slow broadband in East Kilbride, G75

Anyone experiencing terrible broadband speed in East Kilbride, G75?


I've had a great broadband connection with Virgin for years (I'm currently on the 10 Meg package) but over the last few weeks the speed has been intermittent.


The last two weeks have been particularly bad - last night and this morning have been chronically slow.  Indeed, it took around 7 - 8 minutes for me to open the Virgin Media website and click on the forum page before I could actualy type this post!  Watching YouTube videos etc is impossible.  The lowest download speed I recorded on last week was 0.11Mbps!  I can't even check it currently as the server is taking too long to respond.


I've tried the usual resetting the modem and bypassing my wifi router but it doesn't help.

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Re: Really slow broadband in East Kilbride, G75

Hi TheSpyHusband,


I have had a look at the modem and the cable that you are connected to and can find no issues with the cable.  The modem that you are using is loosing packets, I tested other modems on the same cable and they didn't loose any packets.


Given the age of the modem I have ordered a replacement for you, this usually takes between 3-5 working days to arrive.  Please can you ensure that the power supply is also changed when the modem is replaced.

Kind Regards,

James MM

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Making Waves
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎02-01-2012

Re: Really slow broadband in East Kilbride, G75

Thanks James.


I suspected that the modem could be the reason.  It's a good few years old - manufactured in December 2004 according to the sticker.


I look forward to receiving the new one.


Many thanks.