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Quick way to delete?

Hi, is there a quick way to delete from "my shows"? pressing the yellow button on the V+ was simple, yet with Tivo you seemingly have to go into each one and press right a couple of times to delete!

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Re: Quick way to delete?

You can use the Clear button to delete from the My shows menu. Do be careful though as you do not get a confirm window. By pressing the clear button a little X appears on the program you want to delete and then just dissapears.


Of course I am saying to be careful but our deleted programs do go into a delete folder in case we make a mistake,




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Re: Quick way to delete?

Hi rythmix,


The path you are currently taking is the only route for selective deleting of recorded programmes. A mass delete could be carried out via "Settings" and "Clear or Reset Set Top Box" then select "Clear and Delete Everything" but this will result in everything be removed from the box including series links and suggestions etc and may take up to 1 hour to complete.



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Re: Quick way to delete?

sorry but VM dont know what they are talking about.  if you want to delete a whole series hightlight it and press the clear button on your remote, it will then do a mass delete of episodes, hope that helps

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Re: Quick way to delete?

I think formatting the box to clear recorded programs is a bit overkill

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Re: Quick way to delete?

I know deleting a program can be very slow using the clear button but it's nice to know that the official VM solution involves deleting everything, taking up to an hour Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Quick way to delete?

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Scott_C...You're wrong in saying that that is the ONLY way.  By far the easier way is what other posters have said - simply select either an individual programme or a whole folder and press CLEAR.


Something's wrong at the top when VM staff post such a howler in answer to a customer's query.


rythmix should remove the Kudos to Scott_C and give it to Kath_G