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Problems with new Virgin Media Hub (Wifi)

Good morning


Is there a general problem with WiFi coverage with the Virgin Media Hub?


I have tried a host of different devices (macbook pro, dell xps, htc desire, blackbery, xbox 360 wireless N adaptor) and all have had problems one way or another.


XBox live is particular bad and laggy, and the macbook really struggles to load pages sometimes.


I have changed the secuirty type, changed channel, changed SSID (I couldn't actually connected at day 1 with the default ssid and security code as printed on the back)


I have turned off the firewall settings (I read that this helped) but its still pretty rubbish.


Tried setting speeds of 54, 145 and 300 but none are partiuclarly good.


Changed channel from auto to verious, 7,9,11 but to no avail.


I read that someone had disabled their gateways WPS PIN and that made a difference, butI ha n't tried it yet. sometimes shows peak of 9meg (it's just a 10meg connection) but if I run it again straight after, I will get sub 1 meg


Tried placing the hub higher up and away from other equipment etc, but just doesn't seem particulary good (as compared to a heap of other netgear adsl wifi routers I've used)


Any thoughts?



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