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Problem with Landline



We have a virgin landline, broadband and tv package.


For some reason our landline has not been working. It is simply saying "No Line" on our telephone. There is no ring tone or crackling when picking the phone up and nothing happens if you dial.


If anyone rings us,  it goes straight to answermachine.


We have fiddled around with the telephone and relevant cables and cannot get it to change.


Can you please check our line your end?


Many thanks 



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Re: Problem with Landline

Hi kfandsb,


Apologies for the issues you have with your landline at the moment.


I have identified an issue with the landline and we would need to send an engineer out for us to get the issues resolved.


I have sent you a PM (private message) with the details.



Nick Davies
Help & Support Forum Team

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