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PrivDog - New Browser extension to help security

Someone on NoDPI has posted this topic ...,5708.msg51037.html#msg51037


PrivDog - Is a plugin for Chrome, Firefox and ( in a future version ) Internet Explorer ( if anyone out there still uses it )


It does everything Ghostery used to ( so replace that with this if you use it ) it goes a few extra miles and also stops malvertisements ( a bit less harsh a solution than Adblock or using a hosts file, it gives advertising a chance whilst stopping the bad of advertising Smiley Happy )


Its very new ( publicly released yesterday I think )


Its owned by Comodo's CEO Melih ( you will see they have made a new startup AdTrustMedia to support it )


Its available pre-installed in the newer versions of Comodo Dragon ..


And its available as a standalone installer for any of the supported Browsers mentioned above ..


Here also is the Comodo Forum topics ..


Discuss away - Probably going to be a bit controversial, but have a good study of this one before you give any knee jerk reaction, I think its a good idea on the face of it. The Privacy policy seems to be user friendly, the CEO Melih has said this is about protecting users Security and Privacy, and does not track or Geolocate you ( I think the Privacy policy needs a bit of tweaking to make that clearer )


So if you used Ghostery before ( which was sold to Better Advertising / Evidon and became controversial itself ) this is at least no worse in that regard, but better functionally in its purview.

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Re: PrivDog - New Browser extension to help security

Smiley Very Happy Someone made a poem about PrivDog ..


Sneaky tracker hiding deep,
Within the pages that I seek.
I'm browsing quietly unaware,
That the tracker is even there.


Where I go is what it tracks,
To bombard me with Ad attacks.
It's steals my data, personal stuff,
And I have simply had enough!


But with PrivDog and my trusty Dragon,
The tracker's dead and ads are long gone.
PrivDog's bark and Dragon's bite,
Keep me safe and sees me right.


So trackers, ads and cookies too.
There's no more damage you can do.
For if you try to infect me,
PrivDog will upon you pee!

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Re: PrivDog - New Browser extension to help security

New version has been announced of the dedicated installer ..


Look in the topic Privdog released


If anyone missed the version, it was recommended in that topic to use the newest installer to resolve some auto update problems from the initial release


After using that installer ( or this new one if you missed the previous one ), Chrome and Firefox browsers should going forward auto update the plugin when the browser is loaded ( Check the version of the plugin in your browsers Extensions / Plugins lists ) ..


.. So if needed - Grab the latest here


( The download button now takes you to CNET site for the actual download, because of some browsers regarding the download direct from its own site as a false positive potential malware .. Sigh, I cant say CNET is the most trustworthy of sites these days, but the download from there checks out okay for me ).


The new installer has a few more improvements over previous ones ..


Change Log:

Added Multiple configuration support.
Added Improved Exclusion list regular expression checking.
Added numerous efficiency improvements
Fixed: Bug where ProductVersion is wrong in RegEdit
Fixed Bug where FF does not UnInstall the plugin after autoupdate
Fixed Bug where the plugin does not work if we start IceDragone in first time
Fixed Bug where the text is wrong in the options panel
Fixed Bug where the text is wrong in pop-up menu
Fixed Bug where the extension is not UnInstalled from the Chrome and Dragon
Fixed Bug where the plugin is disabled after autoupdate
Fixed Bug where "Ad Networks: N sanitized" is shown if change mode to block from prefs page

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Re: PrivDog - New Browser extension to help security

.. And if anyone is wondering what IceDragon is ( mentioned in the list of bug fixes )


Its Comodo's version of Firefox


Similar to Dragon being Comodo's more Secure / Privacy respecting fork of Google Chrome code.

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Re: PrivDog - New Browser extension to help security

Do you work for this company?


adblock and do not track me meet my needs sufficiently 

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Re: PrivDog - New Browser extension to help security

No I dont work for them, nor am I associated with them in any way, and I do not stand to gain financially in any way.


Like users of Spybot many years ago, I am spreading the word because I think it is a good idea.


Same as fans of AdBlock will recommend its use to anyone who cares to listen.


I think Do Not Track is blatantly being ignored by all advertisers at the moment because there has been no precedent case forcing them to comply with it.



Previously I have used MVPS Hosts file ( which does the same for ALL your machines communications with the outside world .. Not just your browser as is the case with AdBlock )


The main reason I used that was because it not only provided a more comrprehensive list of URLs to block than Adblock, but stopped many potential exploits of your machine.


To me malvertisements, and security threats via poorly controlled third parties or MITM attacks via ads, are the number one reason to block them.


Blocking them wholesale though is lessening the profit potential for businesses across the internet.


Before MVPS Hosts file I used to use Adblock myself too, purely because blocking them wholesale was the only method of ensuring no threats could communicate with your machine and potentially get any hooks in your system.



The idea of PrivDog is to let clean ads through, replace the ones that are not clean, and block a heap of potential exploits.


This way you negate the threats, but give genuine / responsible business a chance to thrive.


Which in turn means free sites for us all, minus malware. Site owners who give space to third parties which get replaced by PrivDogs clean ads still get paid if they register with Comodo = Everyone gains.



You do not have to use it if you do not wish to, that is your choice.

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Re: PrivDog - New Browser extension to help security

Something else of interest if you have a few minutes to spare ..




Another point in PrivDogs favour - AdBlock will not protect against Flash exploits, you can use Flashblock of course, but then you will still click some things to play out of interest


Flash is very versatile, not just for playing you tube videos. It has a very strong programming API called ActionSource ( changed a few years ago from the old ActionScript ).

Flash also has 15 communication methods ( some of which are encrypted )

All of which can be utilised by anyone detecting its installed in your browser.


AdBlock cannot protect how Flash is used against you - PrivDog can.