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Picture Messaging (MMS) - UPDATE

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We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to read the post below and work with us to help resolve this issue. We've had it confirmed by our network that the issue is now resolved and that you'll now be able to send picture messages. It's been tested on several of our handsets in the Technical team as well and is proving successful for those not working before.


If you have any issues with picture messaging, we'll keep the details below active (for the time being) as they'll help you with diagnostics. We don't need to collect any more examples but again, thank you to those that completed this as it helped our network find the cause and put it's fix in place.


Many thanks.


Please note: If you changed your settings to T-Mobile during this time, you'll need to change them back to our standard Virgin settings. This is due to the T-Mobile not settings not working correctly if you data roaming abroad.




We've recently discovered a number of our customers having issues sending picture messages in the UK. Whilst we can address these in individual forum posts, we believed it's best to include a central communication on this.
First of all, not everyone with picture messaging issues will be affected by this.
To rule this out, please check you can connect to the internet though 3g (wifi turned off) as picture messaging will only work if you can connect to the internet.
Next, check your 3g and picture message settings against ones here where you can also send them to your phone.
On Android phones:
1) Turn data off and on.
2) Refresh the settings - Menu > Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. You can view and refresh the settings from here. To refresh them, press the Menu Key and click Reset to Default.
3) Take the battery out whilst the phone is turned on, wait 30 seconds and put back in.
On Windows Phones: Download the Nokia Network Setup app through the app store to manually enter the settings.
If your settings are correct, please make sure the picture you're sending/receiving is 300kb or less as that's the maximum size that can successfully go through the network.
If still not resolved, is anyone else having the issue in your area and have you tried it in a different location (at least 5-10 miles away) to rule out the network? Also switch between 2g/3g and between Virgin (T-Mobile) and virgin (Orange).
It best to try the sim card in a different phone, making sure all the settings are complete to rule out the sim/phone.
If you're still having the issue and have tried everything stated, we can only apologise if you have been effected by this. We're doing everything in our power to investigate it's cause but need your help in collecting examples that we can then give to the network.
The more we get, the quicker the issue will be located and resolved. You'll need to collect the following information and pass this onto our Technical team by calling 789:
- Virgin number trying to send picture message

- Phone number trying to receive picture message

- Post Code
- Date and Time x 5 (must be 30 mins apart)
- Error message
- Message size
- Handset make and model
- If on 2g or 3g
- If on Virgin (T-Mobile) or virgin (Orange)
Many thanks.

Krystal Evans
Mobile Help & Support Forum Team