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Phone rings, but no one is there.



This is a bit of a strange one.


My land line keeps ringing at random times, it will ring for 2 or 3 times then cut off. If I do 1471 I always get the last legitimate call, and not the call that just happened. The caller display doesn't register a number. If I pick the phone up, it immediatley goes dead.

I did have a Skype phone, but changed this for another one to rule out a phone problem.

This will happen a couple of times a night, and also through the day. (when I'm in)


Has anyone heard of this problem before, and what is the solution?

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Re: Phone rings, but no one is there.

Hi davepop,

Sounds like it could be some faulty wiring.

I'll sound you a private message in a moment.

Kind Regards

Michael S
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