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Fresh as a Daisy
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Phone not working but internet is

Found out today my phone line is not working, no dialling tone or anything but my internet is working fine but when people ring us they say it just rings and rings but nothing comes through to our phone. this is in kent ME5 area.

Usually Always Right
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Re: Phone not working but internet is


                There appears to be rather alot of users complaining about there telephones not working at the mo.

You can just simply wait for a forum team operative to respond, or alternatively call customer services on 0845 4541111 (chargeable) from any other telephone / mobile, and discuss this issue with a customer services operative.

                                                  Regards  dozer167

I do not work for Virgin Media, I'm just another customer. If someone's helped you out say thanks by clicking on the kudos star. If someone's solved your problem, why not mark their message as a Helpful Answer?
Fresh as a Daisy
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎30-06-2012

Re: Phone not working but internet is

Another day and still no phone line and still no response on here about it when other people are getting responses. I'm not paying fortune to phone from my mobile to sit in a queue for half hour and get no where. I'm paying for a phone service I'm not receiving and not being able to make or receive important calls and then getting no response in what's ment to be help and support forum
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Re: Phone not working but internet is

Hi Pault84,


Apologies that your thread was missed.  I'm attempting to look into your fault but I am unable to locate your details from the forum.  Could you please send me a PM with your post code and house number?



Adrian Hayes
Virgin Media