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PS3 disconnected from EA server in FIFA 13



I've been having trouble staying connected to EAs server while playing FIFA 13 on my PS3. I know I'm not the only one; there are people on other ISPs having exactly the same trouble. However, I need to follow the advice given to me by the EA help centre before I go back and tell them it's their fault.


Here is the advice they gave me:


Step 1: Power-cycle your Modem:

Turn off your modem and leave it off for two minutes before restarting it. (This process will restart your Internet connection.)

Step 2: Connect your Console Straight to your Modem:

Try connecting your PLAYSTATION 3 directly to the Cable/DSL modem using an ethernet cable. If the connection works, your connection issues are most likely being caused by your router.

Step 3: Disable your Media Server Connection:

The Media Server Connection allows other devices to connect to your PLAYSTATION 3. Often, the Media Server Connection is known to cause issues when players try to connect to the Internet for online game play.

Access your Cross Media Bar menu
Navigate to Settings
Select Network Settings
Select Media Server Connection and choose the Disable option.

Step 4: Disable your Router's Firewall:

If you are using a router, please try disabling your firewall on the router to see if there is a conflict. If this resolves the issue, please contact your router manufacturer to ensure that the router is configured correctly to allow game play online.

Step 5: If all the steps below did not solve your issues, check to make sure that the ports specific to PS3 are opened up on your Internet Service Provider's end. These are the ports that need to be open in both incoming and outgoing directions:

UDP: 3074; 3659; 6000
TCP: 80; 443; 10000 - 10099; 42127; 3659

This will most likely resolve your issue. I have seen these symptoms before and this fix has worked for many other people.


I have followed steps 1-4 with no joy. I have a modem, rather than the new SuperHubs (which I understand cause more problems with the PS3) so have tried connecting directly to that via ethernet cable.


The only thing left for me to do is step 5. How do I find out if those ports are 'opened at the ISPs end'? If they're not, how do I open them?


I hope someone can help me with this, as it's very annoying.




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Re: PS3 disconnected from EA server in FIFA 13

Im having issues with the virgin connection, maybe its a similar thing?. I managed to play black ops earlier fine then suddenly lost all ocnection and now i have it back at 245kb/s compared to the normal 20meg at peak...


hope they help you soon, i may have to request help myself :/

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Re: PS3 disconnected from EA server in FIFA 13

I should point out that when I lose connection to the EA servers, I don't lose connection to anything else. The PC conncetion is fine if I'm using my router. My PS3 even stays connected to the Playstation Network when I've tried it wired directly to the modem. It's only my connection to EAs servers which seems to have this problem.

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Re: PS3 disconnected from EA server in FIFA 13



Can anyone give me info or advice about these ports? I'd like to get something sorted out before EA close my case tomorrow...



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Re: PS3 disconnected from EA server in FIFA 13

Hi Wightpants,

I have no knowledge of these ports being blocked on our network, so if you set up port forwarding it should be fine.
Kind Regards,

Matthew L
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Re: PS3 disconnected from EA server in FIFA 13

I got this problem but haven't had it for a while. I changed the "superhub" into modem mode and use my own router. This also stopped me from being disconnected from ultimate team when playing a friend, as when I had the "superhub" in standard mode I would get an error after every game and be thrown out to the main menu?? this doesn't happen any more.