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PS3 Won't Connect To Internet

We got our Virgin Media XL broadband and phone going yesterday. Our PCs work fine but my PS3 will not connect to the internet. It sees the Internet but it times out when it tries to connect. Or fails. The furthest it got was finding the name and IP address and got no further when we tested the connection.


Tiscali, which was so weak a person trying to do a simple action on my wifes pc via internet could not do it could handle two PS3s running at once. But the new stronger virgin can't!


Why won't it connect. We have not tried my wifes PS3 but I suspect the result will be the same.


Please can someone help us?! Please, please, please can someone help us. :*(


What do we have to do, do we have to ring up, what do we do?!

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Re: PS3 Won't Connect To Internet

Hi Venomwolf,


We don't support the connection of Ps3's. However, you might find this helpful.


James Gilbert

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Re: PS3 Won't Connect To Internet

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Thank you. Hopefully it solves the problem. I really, really hope it does. Smiley Sad


Virgin should support PS3s. We joined virginmedia to get stronger internet for gaming. The package says gaming. But virgin don't support it. That is stupid.


I am Venomwolfs wife BTW.



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Re: PS3 Won't Connect To Internet

Hi Grivessillus,


To ellaborate on the "Support" of consoles ; the network does support the use of consoles for gaming etc but the technical support can't offer specific support for the connectivity of these consoles or changes to the consoles network settings, etc.



Paul McD

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