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Outlook Express on Ipad 2

I currently use Outlook Express for sending and receiving E-Mails via Virgin Broadband. I will soon be getting an Ipad 2 and would still prefer to use this as my main source. Can anyone tell me what I have to do to set this up on my Ipad please. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Outlook Express on Ipad 2

Outlook express is a microsoft product written for use on the windows platform of computers.  As the Ipad is an Apple product you won't be able to run OE on it. 


You will have to use the mail applications offered on AppStore. I think the standard application for mail is simply called "Mail", where you can add all of your mail accounts.

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Re: Outlook Express on Ipad 2



I appreciate your wish to use a certain mail client as that is what your preferred choice of programme is. It isn't impossible to use a Microsoft mail client on an Apple operated machine, or vice versa. But we don't officially support this.


If a customer for example wants to use a Microsoft OS on an Apple machine it can be done but we do not support this if problems occur. There are other mail clients like Thunderbird for example that you could use, or even Mac mail. You could speak to Apple themselves and see if they can be of more assistance.

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