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Online game data usage...

I've been on Virgin Broadband for years and have never had a problem with data usage before. Recently I noticed that sometimes my connection speed was dropping significantly late in the day - at first I thought this was a Virgin technical problem following the meltdown at the beginning of last week as it seemed to coincide with that. But I've now run a data usage programme and discovered that when my son is playing Minecraft online he seems to use around 750 MB per hour. So now I suspect I might be falling foul of maximum use policies...


A couple of questions:


If there's a Virgin Rep reading this, are you able to let me know if my connection speed has been reduced recently as a result of too much data usage?


Any other parents out there - that seems incredibly high data usage for Minecraft - on their own forums they refer to around 130 MB per hour. Does anyone have any ideas why these data levels might be so high?


Any thoughts? I'm on the 10Mb L service...



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Re: Online game data usage...

The L service has a 1500mb limit in the evenings so at that level 2 hours of play will trigger teh STM. if anything else is doing on that will hit the limit even faster. is he the sort of person that would listen to music online while playing as this would use more traffic.


How are you checking the usage are you just seeing how much traffic has been used from his computer or using a monitoring tool?


Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: Online game data usage...

Thanks for quick reply...


I guess that suggests the trigger has been coming into operation. I just wanted to check as we've never had anything like this happen before even though we are a fairly high usage household sometimes with 4 PCs online, 2 of them being used by teenagers! It seems as though it's this one game that's causing the problem. I checked usage with DU Meter on the PC he's been using to play Minecraft.


I believe he can play an offline version of the game so I think that's where we'll be going next...


Would still like to hear from anyone with experience of Minecraft though...