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On Demand Cost

After reading mrbillshaw's comment about the cost of Virgin's On Demand Movies, I also agree that it's expensive.


I am also a member of Lovefilm, and currently enjoy unlimited movies on blu-ray and HD, of which I pay £14.99 per month. Why can't Virgin offer a similiar service, or include it free of charge for people taking all premium channels, or on a VIP package? I think charging £4.99 per movie is alot, especially when Blockbuster are offering three blu-rays movies for £10



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Re: On Demand Cost

I pay Lovefilm 10 quid per month for unlimited bluray so there is no way I'm paying Virgins extortionate prices for their filmflex movies.. you'd have to be crazy paying 5 quid a movie when there is far better offers out there.