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Ntlworld email via mobile - problems sending



I'm hoping someone can help me. I have just got a new Sony Ericsson C905 and I have been trying to sent up my email account on it.


I can receive messages fine but am having problems sending mail.


When I try to send a message it tries to connect and come up with 'Send Failed' and 'Connection rejected'. When it asks if I want to check settings it takes me to the SMTP details page.


This is the information I currectly have saved on my phone:


Server address:

SMTP authentication: Enabled

Username: <email username minus ''> (this is how I have it entered for receiving mail)

Password: <password>

Encryption: No encryption

Port: 25

Connect Using: 3


Any suggestions on how I can get this to work?


Thanks very much!



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Re: Ntlworld email via mobile - problems sending

Hi, Chantil.


Right now the SMTP server can be used only through a valid Virgin Media Internet connection. As you're using an alternative connection method, you can't send mail through the SMTP server.


You'd need to use SMTP settings appropriate for your connection method, presumably those belonging to Three.



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Re: Ntlworld email via mobile - problems sending

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If it's a phone on the 3 network, the smtp server is


if it's on another network, google the network name and smtp or go to the providers website and search for smtp and the server details will be there somehwere.



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Re: Ntlworld email via mobile - problems sending

Ok, thanks very much both of you. I'll give that a try!


Best Wishes


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Re: Ntlworld email via mobile - problems sending

I've just posted this in another thread, but it sort of answers this one too (I hope).



I have got a solution for this.


I have a virgin mobile broadband dongle, as an add-on to my virgin media package.  I was disappointed to discover that virgin mobile does not send mail through the ntlworld smtp server. 


After hours of searching for settings, I received a phone-back call from a nice chap at Virgin Mobile tech support, who admitted that Virgin Mobile do not have ANY smtp server.


Meanwhile I had discovered that if you open a googlemail account, the gmail smtp server works fine with any internet connection. The problem then was that all my outgoing mail was stripped of the real return address and replaced with my googlemail address, which I had no intention of using - I'd only opened the account to use their smtp server. This was earlier this year.


However, Googlemail now allows you to enter any valid e-mail address as the "From" address and return address, and if you set that as a default in the Googlemail settings, then all your outgoing mail gives the appearance of having been sent from your ntlworld account (or whichever), and return messages will go where you want them to. Hooray.


A bonus side to this is that a copy of every outgoing mail is stored on Googlemail's server as it passes through their system, a feature which I've found very useful as you can browse through your "sent" emails from any computer by logging into the googlemail account.