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Nokia Lumia 625 Email set up problem

I have set up email on my Noki Lumia 625, whilst the set up appears to be okay no emails will show when I click on the icon. If I send an email on the phone it appears on my PC but not on the phone. I have worked through the fix the phone settings on Virgin Media but none of that worked, including a phone reset and delete and add of the account. Under settings the phone says that  it is 'Not up to Date' and click on this gets error of Downloading Problems and message 80004005. The email account is


Tried taking off the port numbers but received a connection error 8007274C.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 625 Email set up problem

Hi GordonO,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


We'd need to make sure first of all that this isn't email address specific.


Do you have another email address that you can add to see if it does the same thing?


Is it a Virgin Media email address you're having issues with?





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Re: Nokia Lumia 625 Email set up problem

Have you tried setting the account up as imap4 and not pop3 . Needed to do this on my Lumia 920 to get emails to download
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