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Making Waves
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Registered: ‎21-04-2011

No sound on any HD channels

Is anyone else getting no sound on HD channels? A while ago our sound stopped working and VM engineers said it was our TV that was busted, so we went out and bought a new Sony HDTV as we thought it was our problem.


I got the TV today and plugged in the V+ box and thank god the sound was working. Unfortunately when I have come to watch something on Discovery HD tonight I find that the sound is not working!!! When you switch to any other non-HD channel it works but not on HD channels. The V+ box is plugged into the TV via HDMI cable which VM supplied so this time I KNOW IT ISNT MY FAULT!


I just hope I haven't spent money on a new TV when it was VM's problem all along.....any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: No sound on any HD channels

Hi garydavidprince,


Can you check what your HDMI override is set to at present in your audio settings for me please. This can be found by pressing the following commands on the remote:

 Home > Settings > Change display & audio settings > then the 4th option down will be "HMDI audio override"


Can you please try changing this from its current setting to the alternative so if it currently shows "on" please switch to "off" and re-test.





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Making Waves
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎21-04-2011

Re: No sound on any HD channels

Thank you this seems to have resolved the problem Smiley Very Happy

Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: No sound on any HD channels

I fixed mine by changing audio settings from dolby to stereo,,