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Making Waves
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Nexus 7 Wifi Connection Problem



I'm new to these boards and apologise if this topic has been raised before.


I recently purchased a Nexus 7 for my wife.  During set up I can't get it to connect to my wifi. 


I select my home network and it does its thing for awhile then comes back with a  "Authentication Problem" message.


I have a D-link DIR615 wireless N Home Router if that helps.


If somebody could please help, i've looked on the web for solutions, many explanations out there that to be honest I don't really understand or give a fix to my problem.


If I need to change router settings how do I do it?

If i need a new router, which kind do i need?


Sorry to sound soft, my IT skills are quite limited so simple explainations work best for me.





Good to Know
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Re: Nexus 7 Wifi Connection Problem

authetication problems are normally caused by either a wrong password




wrong type of security encryption set on the device trying to connect.


what you can do though,


log-into your admin panel of your wireless router


dlink log in <--- click the link


log in using




and there is no password so leave this field blank




on the left hand side click on wireless setup


then click on manual wireless connection setup



scroll to the bottom of the page make sure the device has security setup on the device

this can be seen by


wireless security mode



if nothing in there set it to wpa/wpa2


and you check the security type below



cipher type : auto (tkip/aes)  should be fine on this setting

psk /eap : psk

network key: you wireless network password will be this password here




when your phone is connecting up make sure it has the security settings


wpa/wpa2 connection and when it asks for the password/passpharse/network key enter the network key which you setup above ^^


it should connect if you do get stuck give me a shout and ill help you out






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Making Waves
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Re: Nexus 7 Wifi Connection Problem

Thank you for your reply. I will give it a try and if no joy i will get back to you.

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Re: Nexus 7 Wifi Connection Problem

The nexus doesnt ask for what type of encryption it is when asking for a password, you just put your password in and thats it.

Do you use the wifi for anything else? Are you definately using the right password.

If you follow the above instructions, try removing the password to see if that makes a difference, just dont forget to put it back on.

Also try taking your nexus somewhere else to see if it connects to that.


My nexus connects at home with WPA2 but for some reason wont connect to my works wifi with no password, other people with android devices have trouble connecting as well but iphones connect straight away.


Sorry I cant help you more

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Re: Nexus 7 Wifi Connection Problem

Check this site out for problems with wifi on android, i tried it on my works wifi and it worked first time


I think the gateway address for the superhub is, not the one mentioned on the site.

Read the comments as well for other workarounds.


Hope this helps