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New Nokia Lumia 720 - SIM problem

Received my new phone yesterday and sent a text to activate the new Micro SIM. However the next day I'm still getting a message saying SIM card missing or invalid. Yesterday I rany the call centre but was told to wait up to 24 hours even tho I was told it only took a few mins to activate the new SIM.

For the last 12 hours I have had Emergency calls only on my old mobile. I dont know whether this is because my old SIM has been disabled or there is a problem with the network. But it has left me with no means of cantacting anyone. I cant even find an email help on the website. Is there one ? What do I do next as I dont have a landline 

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Re: New Nokia Lumia 720 - SIM problem

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Hi Mart44,


I can appreciate the need for a working mobile and we'll look to get this resolved so you can start using your shiny new phone Smiley Happy


Did you purchase the Lumia 720 from Virgin directly? We're just checking you're not using a phone locked to another network as they'd need to unlock this to use another network sim in the handset. If the phone is from Virgin, please follow the advice below. 


It can take up to 24 hours for the old sim to fully deactivate and the new one to activate, but is usually quicker. If you're old sim has deactivated, we'll check the sim card is correctly inserted.


You can find a handy guide for the Nokia Lumia 720 here which shows how to insert the sim, just make sure the cutout on the sim is facing the correct way. Please turn the phone off when removing it, reinsert the sim card and turn the phone back on. It's worth checking as if it's as simple as that, great!


If you're still getting the same error message and have got a sim card adapter or another Virgin/unlocked phone that can take a Virgin sim, please try this to rule out the phone/sim causing the issue.


Following this, please give our team a call on 0845 6000 789 where we'll be able to check the account and make sure everything's in order. You can email us but we'll be able to resolve your issue quicker by phone.


Many thanks.

Krystal Evans
Mobile Help & Support Forum Team

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