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Network Status



Is there somewhere I can check Virgin Mobile's network status. My connection to the mobile network has been intermittent over the last 12 hours. I get a connection to the network for about a minute and then it goes off again giving me only SOS status.



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Re: Network Status

Hi RosieRabbit,


Sorry to hear you're having issues with our network. Where do you have the issue - is it is one location or mutliples at least 5-10 miles away?


If it's in one location, our team on 789 can check the area for you.


You can also try manually selecting a network and choosing between Virgin (T-Mobile) and virgin (Orange) to see if you can find a stable network in the meantime.


Additionally, you can try switching between 2g and 3g if your phone supports this. These would be temporary fixes whilst our network are investigating and resolving the issue.


If it's in more than one location, please try a sim swap into a different handset to rule out the sim/phone causing the issue.


Many thanks.

Krystal Evans
Mobile Help & Support Forum Team

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