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Netgear router stops working every hour since maintenance was carried out by Virgin



I have been relatively happy with Virgin for over 14 years but recently I am reaching my patients threshold.

After receiving an email from VM informing me that had completed some essential work I may need to reboot my router. (note the email came after they had done the work not warning me prior)


My Internet had indeed stopped working, so followed the advice of the email.

My Internet stays connected for about 1 hour before my router needs to be re-booted again. I am currently rebooting several times a day,which clears any problem. \all my pc's havent disconnected it from the network, there just isnt any internet access.

No work has been done in my property, there have been no changes at my end, no new equipment added, moved or re-configured.

All cables and connections look fine, I have exchanged where possible to ensure there are no faulty or damaged cables, the router status doesn't change when the connection is lost, (all lights are green, as I have observed them during the last disconnection.)

I contacted the help desk who just want me to connect to the master BT socket, however owing to a serious injury I am unable to perform this task and the helpdesk refuses to help me any further until some one preferably a friend can come over and assist.

I am in desperate need of some support and advice. has anyone had the same problem and how's did you resolve it.


many thanks in advance

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Re: Netgear router stops working every hour since maintenance was carried out by Virgin

HI Enineerlee,


Apologies for the issues you've been having with your connection.

Although strangely the lights on your router stay the same, the drops outs are indeed registering on our end.


Asking someone to plug into their test socket/master socket when a fault is present is a standard check we asked our customers to perform. We ask this check to be performed to rule out the possibility on an internal wiring issue within your property.


I understand your circumstances but if possible we need to rule out the possibility of an internal wiring issue because the engineers that are sent out are BT Openreach engineers. If they come out and find there is an internal wiring issue within the property. They will issue a call out charge as it will be an incorrect call out. We do not want any of our customers to have to pay this charge.


We are able to raise up a fault without having tested the master/test socket. However , it would leave yourself with the possibility of the call out charge.


That all being said,  if it is at all possible I would highly recommend connecting to this socket with assistance if necessary as this will mean that you have proven the fault is external and then can guarantee there will be no call out charge if an engineer appointment is scheduled but the fault can be raised without testing this.


Hope this helps,


Cen Tudor
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