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Fresh as a Daisy
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Netgear VMDG480

I had some problems with my wireless and Virgin send me a new Netgear VMDG480 superhub but i dont know how to install the settings.I connect to the superhub but i dont have internet access.


Captain Clued-Up
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Re: Netgear VMDG480

Hi trikman,


Do you not have a self-install pack? This should give you step by step instructions in setting up your new Superhub.


Regardless, the new Superhub will need to be activated to your account before it is allowed onto the Virgin network. This will require you to telephone Virgin. The number should be in your self install pack, along with any instructions regarding details you may have to provide.




I don't work for Virgin Media. Any advice I offer is correct to the best of my knowledge, but is taken at your own risk.