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One to Watch
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Netflix code



I requested a code for the 6 months free Netflix offer well over a week ago and have not yet received it.

At the time of my call I was a bit dubious as the CS rep had me on hold for ages while she tried to sort it out (not sure if she was 100% sure how to do it).

She confirmed that I was eligible for it and I agreed to the 12 months contract extension.

I'd rather not have to call back if I don't have to and you guys here can help.



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Re: Netflix code

It can take 5 working days to get e-mailed out. If you've not received it then give them a ring as it'll be on your file.

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Re: Netflix code

It can take 5 working days to get emailed, and is emailed to the main email account listed on your online VM account.

Other than that you'll need to phone to see if they have the code listed on your account yet
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One to Watch
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Re: Netflix code

Thanks Huw_B for the PM.