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I have just been woken up at 0130 by a nuisance call.  My wife answered and then placed the phone down with the line still open.  When I asked her what was going on she told me that, as it was an incoming call, the phone would keep ringing until the caller had hung up.  When I queried this further she told me that this happens now and again (I knew that she had been receiving calls some time ago but they had stopped a while back). 


I am in the Armed Forces and I'm therefore away from home and my family (including 2 very young children) on a regular basis, and whilst my wife was able to put the phone down, roll over and go back to sleep I was not.  I decided to try to do something about it so got straight online (with the perv still on the phone) though a quick search told me that the police advice was to report the fact to the service provider.  Knowing from previous experience how poor Virgin Media's customer service can be I got onto and started looking for a number to call (not being able to call 150 on my Virgin line due to the buffoon **bleep** furiously in my ear (not literally thank God!).


What I learned was that Virgin Media's customer service is only extremely poor during the working day... out of working hours it's absolutely non-existent!!!  I tried three different 0845 numbers (the recorded voice on the 3rd one told me to ring the 2nd number but then went on to offer me the same menu as the other two anyway) and one 0800 number where I was supposed to ask for the Nuisance Call Bureau.  On each occasion I went through a number of annoying menus and pushed a lot of 1s and 2s only to end up being happily informed that Virgin Media was shut and that I should try calling back at a more convenient time (ie when I wasn't being bothered by a heavy breather in the middle of the night!) or, "if it was urgent", to go online to


Like I already mentioned, the four telephone numbers I tried were all found at, a website that (like the 0845 numbers) is not designed in any way to help customers who have any sort of problem... it is a website that (like Virgin Media on the whole) is really only concerned with trying to get more new customers. 


Before tonight I'd had occasion to be dissatisfied with the service provided by Virgin Media and had toyed with the idea of moving to Sky.  Now, after listening to 1 hour 28 minutes of salami-slapping (he was either quite a stayer or a very determined drunk) I am more than ready to get a Sky+ box!


Can anyone offer any worthwhile adivce on:

a. stopping the unwanted calls;

b. prosecuting the perv;

c. finding the perv so I can pay him quiet visit (preferred option Smiley Wink );

d. why I should stay with Virgin Media.


Any assistance gratefully received.



Angry Husband/Father/Kick-Boxer/Virgin Media customer.




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