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Hello I have not being able to get on to my NTLWORLD.Com email account for around 2/3 weeks I have tryed every day and it just sends me to

Google Apps - Server Error

We are unable to process your request at this time, please try again later.


I have plane tickets getting emailed to me and must be able to print these off.


Can anybody help?

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Re: Email Access

Try .


If that doesn't work then you will need to ring in on 151 or 0845 454 1111

I am a VM customer. There are no guarantees that my advice will work. To say thanks click the kudos thumb. If I have solved your problem please click the helpful answer button.
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Re: Email Access

Hi stephen84,

Has the advice from Graham_A solved your problem?
Kind Regards,

Jason G.
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Re: Email Access

Finally managed to access my email using this link - thank you. Have always used outlook but can see that all my emails still exist despite having deleted them from outlook regularly. Can now see why the i pad wanted to give me over 10 000 emails. Sarted using a new email address but this only forwarded emails for a short time - glad I can finally find them now my outlook and laptop are no longer in use.
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