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Fresh as a Daisy
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My wireless doesn't reach my room

I've got an N router and the wireless works fine when i'm in the same room as the box, but, my room is not the one with the wireless box in it and i dont seem to get any sort of performance in it. the walls in my house are very thin. if you pictured two square rooms of about 5 by 5 metres next to each other on the bottom floor. the room at the front has the wireless box in it. i am in an identical room above the room at the back. not really a massive distance away but i cant seem to get signal in my room or in other rooms in the house that are a similar distance away. any ideas for what i could do to make the wireless reach these rooms.

Bright Spark
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Re: My wireless doesn't reach my room

From purely personal experience I've found that having the wireless router upstairs, beaming downwards, is better than having one downstairs beaming up (if you see what I mean). Of course this isn't really practical unless you have your cable entry point upstairs also (as I have). I would suggest that you perhaps look at MIMO devices if you don't already have one (I believe they are standard on 'N' routers) as they are supposed to help eliminate dead spots. If you have an external aerial on your router you could try moving it around and retesting the signal (use something like Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector to monitor the signal). It may well be that you will need to install another access point upstairs, perhaps directly above the existing one downstairs, to relay the signal to you. In any event, good luck!
Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: My wireless doesn't reach my room

Could be a couple of things.  Try changing the channel of the wireless in the config screen.  Some channels conflict with other devices such as cordless phones so trial a few.  Could also be electrical interference if the router is near another electrical device such as fridge / freezer etc.

Lastly even though walls are thing you could be in a building with a metal frame which plays havoc with wifi.


Hope this helps.