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My phone won't connect to wifi

I have opted  for PAYG Big data tariff.  At the exact point I was informed that my tariff has been set up to use, I lost access to wifi on my new phone.  Is this intentional by Virgin Mobile as it is providing me with unlimited data?  I am just puzzled as I am still able to used wifi for my laptop and my kindle.

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Re: My phone won't connect to wifi

I would recheck the wifi settings on your phone since there shouldn't be any link between Mobile data use and wiki...


It's probably a complete coincidence that you "lost" wifi at the same time as switching to the new tariff, although if you had to change settings for the new tariff it's just possible that the wifi settings got changed or disabled by accident...

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Re: My phone won't connect to wifi

Thanks for your reply.  All access to wifi settings are disabled on my phone which is why I wondered if it was connected to my new tariff.  I can't check the connections because of this.  I know it's probably not something I need to worry about as my tariff allows me a reasonable amount of access to the internet anyway so I probably don't need wifi but it's just got me baffled.


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Re: My phone won't connect to wifi

Hi kindlefirebabe,


That’s a great choice for a tariff :] The PAYG Big data tariff would not affect your wifi connection.


What handset are you using? I would definitely recommend rebooting your handset by:

1) Taking out the battery out whilst the phone is turned ON (or off if no removable battery)
2) Remove the sim card
3) Wait 30 seconds
4) Replace sim and battery and turn the phone on.


This will refresh the software on the handset and then re-try and connect to the wifi.

Here’s a great link of our phone manuals which will help setup your wifi again.


If this fails, I would back up your data and factory reset the phone. This should also help as it will restore the phone back to its default settings.


Phone fix is also a great tool to assist you further if it doesn’t connect.


If the options above don't resolve the issue and you've purchased the phone from us, please give our Technical team a call on 789 from a Virgin sim or 0845 6000 789 (open Mon-Sun 8am-8pm) and our team will be happy to look further into this for you.


Let us know how it goes.



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Re: My phone won't connect to wifi

Just to update you all.  I took my phone back to the shop and they exchanged it without question.  Obviously something wrong with it.  I now have wifi without any problems.  I hope this posting helps others with new phones and are baffled like I was.