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Multiroom cost

I currently have a V+HD box in my living room with the XL package and Sky Sports Channels.


 I would like to have a V+HD box in my bedroom as well. I would just like to know how much this would cost me per month, and also installation fees etc. Also, will having the Sky Sports Channels make a difference to the price of the extra box?



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Re: Multiroom cost

Don't think you can get V+HD boxes anymore.

But there is a Offer on the website.

Get a 500GB Tivo box and keep your V+HD Box.

You pay £49.95 for installation and £3 extra per month for the Tivo Service.

You may also get the £6.50 per box waived but I am not sure thay are doing that anymore.
Best to call in and ask about it.


See this link.


As for channels you get the same channels on both boxes.

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