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Multiroom cost

I currently have a V+HD box in my living room with the XL package and Sky Sports Channels.


 I would like to have a V+HD box in my bedroom as well. I would just like to know how much this would cost me per month, and also installation fees etc. Also, will having the Sky Sports Channels make a difference to the price of the extra box?



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Re: Multiroom cost

Don't think you can get V+HD boxes anymore.

But there is a Offer on the website.

Get a 500GB Tivo box and keep your V+HD Box.

You pay £49.95 for installation and £3 extra per month for the Tivo Service.

You may also get the £6.50 per box waived but I am not sure thay are doing that anymore.
Best to call in and ask about it.


See this link.


As for channels you get the same channels on both boxes.

2X TiVo 500G (TV XL) 152Mb BB & Weekend Calls.