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Multiple email accounts


I want to setup multiple email accounts on my Blueyonder / Virgin Media email system.

I used to have several accounts as per:




However, it now seems like I only have one account possible.

How can I create multiple accounts / mailboxes within my Virgin Mail setup?



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Re: Multiple email accounts

the old blueyonder system was max 5 mailboxes, each with up to 3 alias email addresses. So fifteen email addresses, but only pointing to 5 independent boxes. All that was within your single account.


Now you still have just one account. Mailboxes with aliases are no longer available to be created, you can keep what you have, but any new addresses will be individual addresses, with no aliases. You can havea maximum of 10 email addresses, new and old combined.


To make new addresses just log in to My Virgin Media using your "account holder's" email address, and go to My Profile, Manage Accounts.


Why they choose to call email addresses "accounts" I have no idea, it will just add to the general confusion, especially when people are told to sign on with the "account holder" email address (i.e. which one, if they are all 'accounts' now then surely each email address user is an 'account holder'?)

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Re: Multiple email accounts

Just an assign one explanation could be that the programmers were non English speakers so the translation of accounts and emails all got a bit woolly lost in translation from English to some sub continental language where the sun always shines and the labour is cheap. It could explain allot as to why the new system doesn't hang together, is poorly designed and accounts are missing... or is that email addresses, still who cares they are all the same.... time for another chapati.

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Re: Multiple email accounts

Hi FredTalbot,

Since your post I see you've managed to setup another mailbox. Glad you worked it out Smiley Happy


Alan Paul

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