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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
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Mobile phone insurance

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Two weeks ago I ordered a second phone for my 15 year old daughter to use (15th August)
Three days ago the phone was stolen, from where my daughter lives.


Asurion wont replace the phone as they say the Mobile Rescue app wasn't installed. They say they sent a text but my daughter says she didn't receive one.


I contacted Virgin Mobile, and after a very long time listening to options/rubbish looped music and being cut off, Virgin Mobile said that in the circumstances they would instruct Asurion to replace the phone as there was no documentation/T&C sent to me and there is doubt on the text being received. They told me to call Asurion again, after they sent emailed instruction to Asurion

Called Asurion, who said they "don't care" what Virgin say, and haven't received anything from them anyway and will not replace the phone and really gave an attitude that they couldn't care less, and even if I appeal they wont change their minds.So basically a f*** you and F*** off from Asurion!


Phone Virgin again who now say previous advice was wrong and that they can't do anything to help, and I have to either appeal or pay for a phone I don't have (23 months of a 24 month contract to run). I will NOT be paying and will cancel the DD


The customer service at Virgin is next to useless and vastly expensive. They make money from the 0845 numbers and keep you on as long as possible to make more money and then cut you off or simply stay silent when you ask "off script" questions.

I am now waiting for a manger callback


I have broadband and TV and Phone and 2 other mobiles with Virgin, but if they wont replace the phone they can stick the whole lot where the sun doesn't shine

ALL Virgin care about it taking your money, they are simply not interested in customer problems or service.



Good to Know
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Re: Mobile phone insurance

I strongly suggest you don't stop paying, because you will be in default of your contract and it could hurt your credit rating.

Appeal to VM. You sound like a good customer and they may think again.


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
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Re: Mobile phone insurance

I have suggested that. They aren't interested.......customer service is NIL

Making Waves
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Re: Mobile phone insurance

I've had the mis-fortune to deal with Asurion. It was a dreadful experience.

My daughter's phone was stolen - we called VM right away and got the number blocked etc.

I then contacted Asurion to activate the mobile assistance but there was a problem with that (which was initially my fault in that I mis-spelt my email address) and had to reset it. I was told 'the guy that does that wasn't in today' but a note would be lleft for him to do it the next day. He didn't and it still hasn't been reset.


I then tried to complete the claim on line. I got as far as stage one a form - i was directed to another from which i was asked to download. this form asked for pretty much the same information as the on-line form so I phone Asurion and was told- 'yeah it does that sometimes, i know it's annoying but you can complete it electronically and email it'  - you couldn't it was impossible.i had to print off the form and fax it.

 After spending close to 50 mins on the phone listening to a never ending version of footloose.I sent an email to ask them to contact me and although the email had the refererence number of the claim  on it they emailed me back to say that they couldn't help me until. I replied to that email but no-one contacted me any way.

Anyhoo it took over a week until the replacement phone was sent out.

i'm going to complain to VM as soon as I can find a Complaints procedure

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Re: Mobile phone insurance

I tried to load mobile rescue app but it won't work on a windows phone. hope i am still insured.

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Re: Mobile phone insurance

You are, it states as much.