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MMS Settings for Samsung S3

i got a replacement Samsung S3 a week ago.


I have noticed that MMS does not seem to work


I have tried installing settings via virginmedia website but still have two issues.


If i try and send a mms message the message never gets delivered.


If i receive a MMS message instead of the picture being downloaded or displayed instead i get a link to and a code



What is the best way to sort this out.


Thanks in advance


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Re: MMS Settings for Samsung S3

Firstly, you need to make sure your mobile internet works. When I say mobile internet, I mean data and NOT Wifi.

Turn your Wifi off. Then go into your Settings > Wireless and network settings > Mobile networks. Ensure your "mobile networks" / "use packet data" / "mobile data" is switched ON. This is your phones network data, that has to be on at all times to send & receive MMS.

Then try and get on the internet. If this works with your Wifi off, then proceed to send yourself an MMS. (From your phone, to your phone. It does work)

Basically as long as your mobile web works, with the newer phones your MMS settings should also work. But to activate your MMS you must have sent one first, which is the purpose of the above.

Failing that, just call the team if you have any more issues. They'll get it running for you, usually resulting in manually adding settings that you can find on the website.

Hope this helps.
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Re: MMS Settings for Samsung S3

forgive my ignorance but can you answer me this .... in order to send & received mms you have to be connected to the internet? is that what the data is ?


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Re: MMS Settings for Samsung S3

Hi Emzib,


You're absolutely right in saying that data, sometimes called packet data is what enables the internet on the phone.


This is required to use the MMS feature on the phone.









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