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Lumia 720 - Video calling.

Are there  any ' brains' out there that  can tell me how to set up my Lumia  720  for video calling ?. I have been through the help files but am still none the wiser. The video call option does not appear ( call or text only ) against any of my contacts. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Lumia 720 - Video calling.

Hi fuctifino,


Happy to help Smiley Happy Firstly, we'll be able to check if Video calling is enabled on the network. Please give our team a call on 789 to look into this for you. Once enabled, you'll be able to find the call charges for Video calling for Pay Monthly/Sim only contracts here and PAYG here.


From here, you'll be able to contact Nokia for more support on Video calling with your Nokia Lumia 720.


There are applications that will allow you to Video call through your handset. Just have a look in the Windows Phone Store.


If anyone can give further advise on this handset, please reply to this thread Smiley Happy


Hope this helps!


Many thanks.


Krystal Evans
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Re: Lumia 720 - Video calling.

Currently the 720 (and all Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices) do not support video calling over the network natively. Instead, Microsoft have made Skype available for video calling (MS own Skype).

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Re: Lumia 720 - Video calling.

Download the Skype app.

Skype for mobile needs a front facing camera , good news is the 720 has one , but the person you video call will need one too.

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