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League Of Legends Client Firewall Issues

I have recently begun playing League Of Legends, however I immediatly ran into some problems. The firewall blocks the game client even though I have forwarded the ports (via firewall -> internet access rules -> advanced -> add port or protocol -> ports 80, 443, 2099, 5222-5223, 8393-8400 TCP and 5000-5500 UDP) and allowed the client (via firewall -> internet access rules -> add new program).


However, if I change the client's status to "ask" rather that allow, it will let the game play after a short delay. So, I will improvise with this for the time being until help arises, because turning the firewall off completely is a bad idea.


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Re: League Of Legends Client Firewall Issues

Hi JasoG13,


It would appear that League of Legends uses ports/protocols in addition to those published. We have seen this elsewhere. You could add new ones as and when you become aware of them but this cannot be guaranteed to resolve things completely.

John Haggerty
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