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Bright Spark
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Late Payment Fee Policy



I'm wondering what the exact late payment fee policy of Virgin Media is. I know it says if you don't pay by the "payment due" date you can get a late payment fee of £10.00, however I have paid the majority of the bill before the payment due date and then paid the rest of it after this date and I have never recieved a late payment penalty. So I'm just wondering is there a set time after the due date when this late fee applies, or is it based on how much of the bill you've paid before the date etc?... I just want some clarification on the policy. 





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Re: Late Payment Fee Policy

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Technically the policy is if you pay after the due date then Virgin can charge the late fee.


However currently it's not normally applied until the next bill is generated - but Virgin would be within their rights to change this without prior notice so I wouldn't rely on the fact this is always going to be the case.


The late fee is charged if any of the balance remains unpaid at the time the fee is due to be applied

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Re: Late Payment Fee Policy


                        I would think that you have just been rather lucky.   Generally if the "FULL" amount hasn't been paid by the due date, then the late fee is usually implemented fairly fast. It's best to ensure that the full amount is either paid before, or available, to meet the due payment date, as the late fee can be implemented at 12:01am, and often is.    Regards dozer167 

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Bright Spark
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Re: Late Payment Fee Policy

Thanks for the information!