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LOTRO not working

I've been playing Lord Of The Rings Online for a while now with no problems but starting recently (Thursday) I'm having problems conecting to the data centers.  I am not the only LOTRO player using Virgin Media that started to experience problems, and friends using other ISP's have no problems at all.  The games I try work without problems it only seems to be LOTRO. ANy help or advice would be nice

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Re: LOTRO not working

I too had recent problems with logging on to LOTRO. Although i have been playing LOTRO for a coupe of years now, I've only just joined VM and that's when i got problems.


I got to 'Connecting to Logon servers' bit and then after 20 attempts got kicked.


I've got VM security program installed and found that for me the problem was to do with the firewall in this program. I disabled the VM firewall and now use the Windows firewall and haven't had a problem logging on since.

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